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Blog links not associating…

  • Just testing out Buddypress but basic functionality in WP mu isn’t working as there is no association between the member’s blog pages and the “Blogs” links in the tags in the default theme….

    In this test site

    “activities” seem to work but most of the links simply do not link to the blogs or a listing of blogs as you’d assume- none of the blogs tabs work, more don’t from from the child blogs than the administrator’s blogs.

    I’m using the format rather than format but that should be considered (it is taken care of in WordPress Mu without Buddypress).

    I’ve tried every option but there seems no setting to associate “Blogs” with “Blogs” as naturally you’d assume you shouldn’t need to!

    What can I be doing wrong?


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  • Blog Tracking is the term used in the options.

    This is switched On but is not happening.

    What can I do to kick start this is WP mu????

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