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Blog name twice in next_posts_link

  • peterverkooijen


    Trying to fix the previous and next_posts_link in my custom theme (with messy P2 ajax stuff). I get links like this:

    It should be:

    The link is created in function get_pagenum_link. I actually get the correct links when I mess up the first of these lines, by removing parts of the page/d+ stuff:

    $request = preg_replace( '|page/d+/?$|', '', $request);
    $request = preg_replace( '|^index.php|', '', $request);
    $request = ltrim($request, '/');

    But then I can’t get rid of the error messages. It’s not clear to me what that section does exactly.

    Is there a subtle way to edit that line to remove one of the two blognames?

    Other possible solutions?

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  • Hi Peterverkooijen,

    You have a typo in that code snippet, missing a backslash: ‘|page/\d+/?$|’. The ‘d’ has to be escaped as in ‘\d’.

    See wp-includes\link-template.php, line 1321.


    Man this thing really likes to strip slahes, innit?



    Thanks for the suggestion iamzippy. That backslash was originally in there, just got stripped. So that’s not the problem. The P2 theme is for a single blog, not for a WPMU blog. That has to be taken into account somehow.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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