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Blog Post Activity Wiped

  • daleks


    WordPress MU 2.9.1

    BuddyPress 1.2 rc2

    Default BP 1.2 theme + a few limited child themes.

    I use TDO Mini Forms to provide a front end posting option. After upgrading to rc2 I have had a I found that after posting using a TDO form all Blog Posts were wiped from the Activity Directory.

    Here is the scenario:

    if I post via the TDO form it wipes all old blog post entries from the Activity Directory.

    If I then post via the dashboard this post appears in the Activity Directory (but the old ones stay wiped).

    I would like to figure out what is causing this, but that is secondary as I have just turned off TDO Mini Forms for now (although ideas are welcome).

    What I would really like to figure out is how to get the old Blog Post entries displaying in the Activity Directory again. Can I prompt/refresh this somehow?

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