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Blog Posts not Showing Up

  • alexv77



    So I upgraded from MU to BP two days ago and have had a little trouble. First thanks to r-a-y and andrea_r for helping me out with the other issues.

    Now here is my next problem. My blog posts are not showing in the BP themes. They show up fine in MU theme that I was using before but when I activate a BP theme they disappear :( You can find them when you type in the address but they do not appear on the main page.

    For example you can visit my test blog at:

    and on the home page and blogs page there is nothing however when you type in the url for the actual post like below:

    The test post actually appears. So how do I get the test post to appear where it is supposed to?

    I hope this made some sense to you, if not I can attempt to clarify more.

    Thanks for any help you can provide,


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