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Blog posts on using Skeleton Component – Expand BP Development

  • designodyssey


    Has anyone come across any posts that walk through the creation of a component?

    The Skeleton Component is definitely a great teaching tool, but Jeff is indicating things are “wrong” and he doesn’t have time to fix at the moment. That’s scary for someone who wouldn’t be able to spot what’s wrong and fix it.

    I respect the lack of time issue, but I couldn’t find a post anywhere with someone describing their process to make a component (not just a plugin). Something like a companion post to the skeleton component would aid just looking through code and code comments. Something to set the frame for the non-expert. I’ve looked through some code of the Classifieds and Links components and although helpful, it’s too daunting a place to start.

    Literally, I was thinking if someone hooked up DragonNaturallySpeaking and just rambled for 30 minutes about:

    How BP components are structured

    What should be included in what files

    What should be in a class vs. not

    How the theming of components works

    I’m sure there’s much more, but I think it would be a huge help if someone would just brain dump on the screen.

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