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Blog Title Link in Banner Goes to Single Old Post

  • complex_confusion



    I have a very fresh BuddyPress installation (on top of an existing WordPress install – not WPMU); I’m interested in playing around with the software.

    It works, but the problem is that visiting the blog’s installation directory takes you to a particular old blog post, even though it’s not linked to that post!

    This much is a minor bug/feature of the template, I believe: Clicking the blog title takes you to the installation directory, aka the WordPress address (, instead of the blog address ( Yes, that is verbatim how I’ve set the addresses in the WP General Settings window.

    However, I believe that would normally just take you to the blog’s homepage. In this case, it takes me to ! (ignore the text; I was getting whiny about theme coding).

    Since I’d like to mirror this setup to my laptop to play around during my commute, I’d like to get this base install working properly. Do I have something set up incorrectly?

    Installed: WordPress 2.9.2 (not MU), BuddPress 1.2.1 installed through the WP Plugin admin page.

    Theme: BuddyPress Default Theme v.1.2.1, no modifications

    Hosting: HostRocket

    Mods: NO mods to BuddyPress; Haven’t myself installed bbpress or buddypress theme package yet.

    Plugins: Yes; about 9 plugins activated. I deactivated all but buddypress; this behavior didn’t change. (I’ve since reactivated)

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