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Blogs gone?

  • inimicus



    I am running WPMu 2.8.4a and Buddypress1.1.1

    Everything was good until, for whatever reason, my wp-config file was corrupted. So I re-ran wpmu’s “index.php” to recreate the file. Fine, problem solved. But now it seems that all of my users’ blogs are gone…

    My blog, the main blog, is fine and unaffected. But, if I try to go to one of the user blogs ( then I get a “Page not Found.” Also, when I go to the blog list in the admin panels, all of my users are listed, but they only have one blog (mine, the main one, of which they are all subscribers).

    I haven’t really tried too hard to fix this because I don’t want to make it any worse. I want to get the blogs back and the content that was in them before this happened–if that is possible.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks a million!

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