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Blogs ”Server not found”

  • lgtruex


    I suspect this answer is here somewhere, but nothing comes up in my search specific to my issue. I have BP installed in the root of my site. All seems to be working properly, except that the blogs ( can’t be found (server not found). I’m thinking that there is something I need to set up on my hosting end to allow the subdomains. I have changed my htaccess per the set up instructions so I know its not that. And and see that subdomains are allowed (true) in my wp-config. As I said, every thing else seems to be working. Any help will be appreciated!

    I did add * to my dns as well. Although I just did it and maybe it won’t fix the already registered blogs.

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  • There are quite a few lines required in the wp-config apart from subdomains allowed true are you sure you completed ALL the steps required to set up multi site.

    The dns aspect perhaps may not have propagated fully yet? is definitely an A record wild card, if running vhost containers are they set correctly for subdomains.



    I feel confident I made the changes to wp-config and htaccess as indicated in the instructions. I’ll check to see if maybe my wildcard change is working yet. I’ll need to look at the vhost. I didn’t see vhost code in my wp-config as I saw mentioned in another post. I just saw the lines about multisite and subdomains as “true”… which I think I added per the network instructions. Admittedly, I know enough web stuff to get some things done, but mostly I get in trouble, as my knowledge is limited. Thank you.

    Added…its now finding a server, but its going to my main site instead of the correct one. I’ve got my host helping me out with that one. Thanks again.

    I don’t think this is a BP issue I think it will be resolved at the server and dns level so hopefully your hosts on the case will get things resolved. My reference to vhost was at the Apache server level but your hosts support desk should be able to sort that out if there is any issue. Please update the thread here one way or another.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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