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Blogs-Widget Bug?!

  • I didn’ find any posts about this.

    I experience something strange: Some Posts in that Bp-Widget have the wrong permalink. It links to some other articles that exist. I don’t see a pattern – just sometimes it happens… Anybody else having that issue? Does somebody know, why that could be?

    Thanks alot, Michael

    Ps: I have Trunk R-1128 and WPMU 2.7

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  • Nobody experiencing the same?

    Burt Adsit


    The problem is with the ‘recent blog posts’ widget? No, never heard of that so far.

    I will keep an eye open, but haven’t seen that one either. Anything in common when it happens? Author? Dates? Deleted content? Something that might give a clue where to look?


    hmmm – no i don’tsee a pattern: look for yourself

    It’s Top-Links-Test3 / Top-Links-Test2 and Test new (if it’s still there, when you take a look…)

    Thanks for your effort


    The problem still exists – on two different installs I have… STRANGE! Could it be one of the localizations-problems mentioned in other forum-discussions? I am using the german translation…

    Thanks again for everyone who gives a thought into it!




    i am finding this widget to be really buggy to, i post a blog yet it appears like the 3rd item on the list, this is extremly annoying since my post never gets featured, i have a screenshot sidebyside with the sitewide activity widget as seen here:

    is there any way i can expand it so that maybe the first 3 posts are shown maybe show the full post of the one at the top and excerpts of the other 2, and then just the titles for the rest, i feel some posts dont get read because the content is hidden


    Burt Adsit


    miguael, I didn’t see those posts you mentioned but I did notice that you blogs don’t seem to have the same permalink structure. I don’t think that could relate to the issue you describe. It’s just the first thing I noticed. The posts on your front page seem to link to the correct posts on other blogs.

    Thanks for looking into it burtadsit,

    sorry, the blogentries change… but right now those are wrong:

    -test-Link mit preview (goes to but should go to )

    -Bibel (goes to but should go to )

    Thanks for looking again into it…


    I am sorry, please delete two of the posts… (a litte forum bug here from time to time…)

    I found maybe a shared thing: Could it be that those wrong permalinks are because those posts were submitted using TDOMini-Forms-Plugin and others using WP-O-Matic. It seems, that only those are wrong… Could that be?

    Thanks, Michael

    I am back with that problem:

    It’s not only in the blogs-widget, but also in the activity streams. Some posts submitted by plugins like TDOMini-Forms have in those BP-Tools the wrong URL (to another, existing post, sometimes in a different blog). But just some – others are ok. I don’t see a pattern. It’s very strange, because nowhere else that occurs. Only with those BP-Views…

    It would be great of somebody could help!!! I know it is a bug that occurs with plugins, but still it seems to me very strange.

    THANKS alot…!

    Burt Adsit


    Michael, the recent blog post widget simply reports what it finds in each of the blog posts. If the post data is incorrect it will display incorrect data. bp records the fact that a new blog post was created. It stores the blog id and the post id. When the recent blog post widget displays the post it goes and gets whatever exists on blog id X for post id Y. It then echoes that information. It doesn’t change it in any way.

    If a plugin is creating bad data then the recent blog post widget will show bad data.

    Is there a way, how I can check which “data” is “in” the post? Do I have to go to the DB for that?

    Thanks for your patience – to me it seemed just strange, that in “normal” WPMU it doesn’t make any troubles…

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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