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books – getting started

  • nit3watch


    Hi, I would like to buy a few books to help me get to grips with how wp/wp mu and bb all work and how to code apps and so on, basically be able to do anything wp related.

    So, if I’m going to buy a bunch of books, what fields should I cover and if you have read any helpful books, let me know? (Like a book on php..)

    I did come across the book, “**Blog Design Solutions”

    link –

    Summary of contents:

    * Chapter 1: The “Web Log”

    * Chapter 2: Creating a Local Test Environment for Your Blog

    * Chapter 3: Movable Type

    * Chapter 4: ExpressionEngine

    * Chapter 5: WordPress

    * Chapter 6: Textpattern

    * Chapter 7: Write Your Own Blog Engine

    Its a FriendsofEd book, Ive worked through their essentials guide to Dreamweaver cs4 when I started web design a year ago and find its great to have something in front of you for a quick reference or explanation and I find it easier to learn like this, (this is for any one that’s going to argue that I could find everything online for free..)

    Has any one read “Blog Design Solutions”, if not is there something else you would recommend?

    Thanks and regards

    **I’m not trying to advertise or anything, if its not appropriate, feel free to remove it.

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  • Peter Anselmo


    Can’t speak for everyone, but If you’re interested in developing plugins, I would suggest diving into PHP first. There’s plenty of good PHP books out there; personally, I’d recommend books published by O’Reilley.

    Then, in lieu of the existence of good buddypress-specific books, you can learn a lot by looking at existing plugins and the codex.

    Andrea Rennick


    BuddyPress for Dummies is out or almost out. Also the WordPress Bible, Digging into WordPress and WordPress for Dummies.



    If you know a bit of php, I’d try Prelovac’s WordPress Plugins. Actually, even if you don’t konw PHP, I’d get a php book and this book and WordPress Complete 2.7.

    You could also just learn wordpress-specific php online. Read up on template tags, loops, functions. Again php is helpful to understand how all this functions. Don’t worry about MySQL.

    Not sure what to do about BP as there is no real book that covers 1.2, but the Dummies book should explain the concepts.



    Thanks all for the info so far, going to leave the topic open, maybe get one or two more book advisories.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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