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BP 1.0.3 fix > name links not working in the Members Widget

  • Baden


    Well, my morning has been filled with BP bug-fixes a plenty. Here is another one:

    if you have the Members Widget installed, and click on a name (i.e. Joe Schmoe), it will incorrectly link to members page (members/Joe Schmoe/).

    Here is the fix:

    file: buddypress > bp-core > bp-core-widgets.php

    line: 113

    fix: change the href= FROM bp_the_site_member_name() TO bp_the_site_member_link() like so…

    <div class="item-title fn"><a href="<?php bp_the_site_member_link() ?>" title="<?php bp_the_site_member_name() ?>"><?php bp_the_site_member_name() ?></a></div>

    And while you are at it you might as well fix the widget titles for translation by replacing every instance of $name = ‘xxx’


    $name = __(‘xxx’, ‘buddypress’)

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  • Andy Peatling


    This is all fixed in the latest 1.0 branch if people want to use that. Feel free to make this above change before I release 1.0.4 with these fixes and some other updates.

    Apologies for the oversight on translation, it serves me right rushing to get 1.0.3 out for those who had upgraded to 2.8.1!

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