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BP 1.2 / bpPicture Album Plugin

  • m@rk


    With the mentioned Plugin, unfortunately, due to the new navigation structure in BP 1.2, it’s impossible to display other member’s albums.

    Trying to run it in BP 1.2’s Classic template with BuddyPress backwards compatibility plugin, in Picture Wire is diplayed:

    “Fatal error: Cannot access empty property in wp-content/plugins/buddypress-backwards-compatibility/bp-wire/bp-wire-templatetags.php on line 26”

    This makes me sad since on they announced not to develop member albums as core feature due to your plugin availability.

    I already posted this issues on the plugin homepage

    [WPMU & BP 1.2 RC]

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  • Xevo


    Marking this thread as not a support issue as it is to do with a third-party plugin and not the BuddyPress core. Talk to the author of the plugin for support.



    Thank you for your quick replies.

    @Xevo: bp-gallery-beta sounds awesome – what kind of dilemma it’s for charge only.

    I understand developers want/ need their infrastructure and efforts paid. But it’s also in opposition to the open source idea founded with BP. A “small” webmaster like me, caring exclusively for private websites not about earning any monetary benefits, has to think twice about if he can afford a “premium membership”. Furthermore, which provider should be chosen? etc.

    Thanks for pointing to, anyway ;-)



    Self edited for advertising. Sorry djpaul.

    Personally i’ve used and worked with picture album from manoj and I thought that was a very great plugin back in 1.0. With 1.2 coming shortly, I’m finding that bp-gallery will allow my site to do much more that I need for my site. My site is a media/magazine site which will rely heavily on video/audio/photos and galleries and albums will be a core component. I’m a participant in the bp-gallery beta and so far, it supports audio/video/photos and now the issues are really just tweaking and helping with usability. I know that buddydev is an active participant in the buddypress-dev chats and I’m not sure how much development Manoj is doing these days.



    (The dilemma remains: you can’t even evaluate the provided contents for fitting your needs before having paid in advance. To obtain future updates you have to pay more. And more.

    I’d like to donate for components I’m using in production environment. To keep with this example, I could image bp-gallery being worth to donate 30 USD (or more) for using it with my simple non-profit website – the dope sheet sounds fantastic.

    I’m convinced that bp-gallery is an awesome plugin. But not everyone can afford paying a minimum of 120 USD just to have a gallery plugin up to date for a year.)



    It has to be said. You have one significant option – Don’t buy it!

    Look, I wish I could get what I wanted for free. Heck, I wish I had the time to program it. Sure, I wish open-source lovers would just build my website for me (not really).

    The point is nobody is making you buy anything. Complaining that it costs $30 to take a date to see a 3D movie and $20 for popcorn and soda won’t get you anywhere. You always have the option of taking your date to MickeyDs value menu.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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