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BP 1.2 : help with the ajax queries (bp_filter_request)

  • grosbouff


    Hi, this is a question for a BP core developper…

    I’m trying to understand how the ajax functions are working in BP 1.2.

    There is the JS function

    bp_filter_request( type, filter, id, target, page, search_terms, extras )

    (I think the “extra” parameter was added recently by Andy when I told him that I should be able to add extra variables to that function)

    First, could someone explain me what exactly the TYPE and FILTER params must be used for ?

    FILTER is to order the results(?), what is TYPE ?

    Well; I’m building a classifieds component.

    I have 3 more important parameters that I should be able to pass to the function : “status”,”action” and “categories”.

    I suppose that I should pass them as the “extra” parameter.

    My idea was to have an array

    var extras = new Array(status,action,categories);

    but when I pass that array to bp_filter_request; it keeps only the last key of my array.

    Is that forbidden to pass arrays as a parameter in JS ?

    So; my question is : Is that the right way to do that;

    -if yes, why does it only pass the last key of the array

    -if not, what would be the right way to pass those additionnal parameters to the ajax function ? Or have I to build a custom function ?

    thanks A LOT, i’m stuck on this since hours.

    + there is a JS error with bp_filter_request, I made a ticket some days ago but it does not seems to be resolved

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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