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BP 1.2 RC2: Sitewide activity feed broken?

  • m@rk


    I upgraded from RC to RC2 today: the Sitewide activity feed isn’t working anymore.

    Can’t describe it in other words: the rss feed has nothing in common with Sitewide activity displayed on homepage.

    Can anybody confirm this issue?

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  • m@rk


    Obviously the Sitewide activity feed shows to logged in members their own updates only, while only not logged in guests get all updates in the feed.

    Works fine on testbp –



    I had a very similar problem with RC2, but my by problem is with group activity feeds – when logged in I only see updates from myself. Log out and I see all activity items.

    But the site-wide activity feed is just fine, it shows everything whether I’m logged in or not.

    my problem is that when you’re logged in you can’t see your own activity feed (it just hangs up and gets stuck whilst loading the page)
    this seems to happen occasionally and so far my only fix is to ditch the whole database and start again (not something I want to do again)

    you can still see other peoples activity and if you’re logged in as another user, see your own, just not when you’re logged in.

    Using the default theme (customised, but not too much) with WPMU.

    any thoughts?

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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