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BP 1.6 Permission meta caps

  • k12onos



    I currently need to assign a user to be the “admin” for buddypress, but not my wordpress site.

    I’ve seen this ticket: and it seems that no meta caps are implemented yet. So do all administrative buddypress 1.6 permission checks for is_super_admin() now?

    Is there any work around I can do to achieve my objective?

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  • k12onos


    I went through BP 1.6 code and stumbled upon the “bp_moderator” role in the code (though I didn’t see this in my wordpress & buddypress installation)

    I also don’t see any other functions that checks back whether “bp_moderator” capability exist. Is this a planned role for future release?

    Paul Gibbs


    It’s something to do more on in future, yes. No guarantees at this point if we’ll rename “bp_moderator”, so keep an eye on release notes.



    Thanks for the confirmation, meta caps in future releases will definitely make buddypress more powerful and customizable.

    By the way, I found out on this site ( that on single site installs, wordpress checks whether user is a super admin or not based on the “delete_users” capability.

    So, if anyone is planning to make someone be the admin of the buddypress, you can assign “delete_users” capability to that particular user (using your fav user role plugin).

    Though, they will have access to (obviously) user deletion and some other plugin settings which checks for “is_super_admin”.

    In my case it’s okay because the one I’m assigning the role to is a friend. I just don’t want them to have access to core/plugin/theme update&installs (is there anything else I should be concerned when indirectly assigning someone as super admin by the above method?).

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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