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BP 2.2 also broke Drop-Down Menu

  • Scaffies


    Just noticed:

    since yesterday’s BuddyPress Update to v2.2 the dropdown menu no longer works.

    We use WP4.1 and everything on latest revisions.

    We use a commercial theme (i.e. paid for) called DynamIX version 3.1.2 by themeva

    I don’t know if it is more helpful to open a thread up for different problems, or if they are related and should be in one thread – I don’t have that much insight into how this works, and figure if there are different causes to these issues (except for v2.2 update, which is the single cause for these) inside the update, it may be easier to have different threads to help resolve them?

    The drop-down menu is on every single page, as part of the header, see arrow on the top right.

    Details for all issues and changes are on the Change Log:

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  • So this ‘dropdown menu’ is not the WP adminbar just the themes main WP menu bar?

    Have you checked with the theme authors whether this is something they’re aware of?

    These issues, although I understand the apparent common denominator seeming to be BP, will tend to be something that perhaps the theme, plugin or whatever third party code was doing wrong or didn’t account for, BP tends to be pretty well tested, as there are quite a few of us working with it and the trunk code day in day out and bar the inevitable minor issues that crop up after a release there tend to be few major ones.



    Yes, below the WP menu bar, in the theme.

    And yes, we also informed the theme vendor, envato / themeva.

    The only thing that changed was the BP v2.2 update – before it worked fine, afterwards not anymore (like all the other issues we reported with the update).

    I am sure you do test, and I hope these reports are not viewed as complaining. But as just users, what else can we do other than report it and hope for a fix (and wait for 2 months after the next update releases in the future).

    Looking at that theme I can see it states it’s BP compatible, however they state compatible to:
    BuddyPress 2.1.x.

    Plugin authors and theme authors are the ones that need to check and if necessary update their work to be fully compatible with each BP release, same goes for WP releases, so hopefully the theme authors will check their theme over and release any necessary updates, if, that is, it is a theme issue.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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