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BP 2.4.0 – Profile fields registration problem

  • bum2


    We’ve updated to 2.4 but the checkboxes and radiobuttons in our register page have disappeared without any markup, error or debug log… In the forms, only text fields and textareas are shown.
    After trying to deactivate many plugins, finally the only solution i’ve found is to revert buddypress to the 2.3.5, so we must wait to find a solution with the register form items…
    Is the 2.4 working good for everybody except us? maybe is failing only in our particular combination of theme (x) and plugins…
    Thanks a lot for keeping this plugin alive!

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  • r-a-y


    @bum2 – I’ve split your reply into its own topic.

    – What happens when you switch to another theme? Does the problem still occur then?
    – If the problem still occurs after switching the theme, what plugins are you using?
    – Do you see any errors in your browser console?
    – Did you override the registration template into your theme?



    Hi r-a-y,

    – Changing the theme x to twentyfifteen does not solve the issue.
    – There’re many plugins used, but found that deactivating ‘sitepress-multilingual-cms’ (v3.2.7) was the way to show up again the form controls in BP 2.4
    – The issue happens without any browser console error, nor any note using the debug-bar plugin, and nor any log entry at the apache’s error log.
    – Not overridded the register form, only a custom .js added to show-hide form fields, but the issue happens even without javascript in the browser.

    Seems to be an incompatibility with wpml, are you sure it works for other sites? both buddypress and wpml are important plugins for us.



    Are you using BuddyPress Multilingual as well?

    My guess is that BuddyPress has newer translation strings in v2.4.0 and you’ll need to update the BuddyPress-specific strings on your WPML install to reflect that.

    Read their “Translating profile fields” tutorial:

    BuddyPress Multilingual

    They also have a support forum here:

    It might be that their plugin will need to be updated.

    If it ends up that this is indeed a BuddyPress problem, please let us know.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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