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BP Achievements on an already running community

  • r-a-y


    Hey DJPaul,

    I recently tested Achievements for the first time on my local sandbox, and when I enabled the plugin, every member in my database received multiple emails on unlocking various achievements.

    If I were to enable this plugin on my live community, I would have a lot of unhappy members!

    Is it possible to disable sendouts when you first activate Achievements?

    Preferably, there would be an an option to check for retroactive achievements in the admin screen, instead of automatically checking for retroactive achievements upon activating the plugin.

    Love the plugin though, DJPaul!

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  • Erm, no way with the currently released version to disable the emails. Wait until the next version? (sometime before Christmas) I’m waiting for feedback on the other thread about a couple of users who say they’ve got an edit problem with all/some/one of the achievements which I can’t recreate (partly due to limited information about their installs).



    Yup, no problem about the next version. Definitely not urgent!

    Just wanted to let you know what I thought on initial activation.

    D Cartwright


    I think I ended up commenting out the email notification before first activation on a live site. I then added it back. If I remember correctly you also have your activity stream somewhat spammed so that might be another thing to look at :)

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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