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BP Album Page Navigation

  • Ash Shaw



    We have created a community gallery page using bp album, which pulls in all public images uploaded by all members of the site. Was just wondering how it is possible to paginate the gallery page. The ‘per-page’ argument is set to 24, and although 24 images display, I have not found a way to display the next 24 images. Since we built the site as a WooThemes Canvas child theme, I attempted using woo_pagenav, but this did not work.

    Any help / advice appreciated, thanks in advance.
    If anyone can help it would be much appreciated, thanks in advance.

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  • Ash Shaw


    Forgot to include url –

    I would probably just use wp-pagenavi, which I’ve been using on wordpress sites for years now – Otherwise there are a host of possibilities. You’re using a

    container for your images, whereas I would normally use an unordered list, but you could do anything from using a continuous page (such as ‘load more’ on the activity stream), or you could load the 24 images in a single page block and then use a content slider combined with lazy loading to scroll from page to page – loading and displaying a further 24 images with each click.

    Really, there’s nothing wordpress/buddypress specific once you’ve queried and gathered the content, thereafter you’ll find endless ways in which to present and scroll through it which applies to any type of website.

    Would you mind sharing your code for aggregating your images from across the network? I’m about to do the same for blog posts and it would provide a good reference point.

    Ash Shaw


    Thanks for the response DoctorDR. I’ll keep hacking away at getting woo-pagenav to work, at least I know now that it can be done ;)

    Here’s the loop we used to call all public images to the gallery page.

    global $bp, $pictures_template;
    $args = bp_album_default_query_args();
    $args = ‘DESC’;




    Hello , thanks for sharing it , does it display all images included the private one’s ?



    I need to know the same thing. There is a much shorter code to use to get the album images at
    But there is no pagination to display more than the number defined per page on the first page.

    I have also tried the wp-pagenavi plugin, this didnt work either did the standard pagination from twentyten WP theme



    @feedmymedia where did you place this code to create the gallery page?

    Thanks, Jesse

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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