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bp-album with bp on 2ndary blog

  • anna2o


    hi everybody,

    i’m running bp 1.1.1 on wpmu 2.8.4

    as i have a heavily modified wp theme running on the main blog i decided to, as suggested, install buddypress to a 2ndary blog called “community”.

    working perfectly, except one issue with bp-album … i asked on the author’s website, as i didn’t get an answer i thought maybe here some pro could have a suggestion for my problem :-)

    basically the pictures in /members/xxx/album are showing a 404.

    i traced it down to the fact that i got buddypress installed on a 2ndary blog. the album is searching for the image on “…” in my case (whereas /community/ is the root dir of buddy press but not the root dir of wordpress as i explained before).

    how can i set the picture path to root – or strip out “community” via modrewrite?

    thanks a million


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Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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