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BP API Access

  • barkins


    I’m interested in adopting BuddyPress for my membership website.

    I’m hoping BuddyPress features can be accessed via API? Also, is it then possible to perform CRUD operations on profiles via API?

    I did find this however not sure if BuddyPress can just work with the WordPress REST API?

    Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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  • barkins


    I did just find this plugin: JSON API User WordPress Plugin,

    Has anyone used it with BuddyPress? If so, how well did it work?

    Boone Gorges


    Hi @barkins – Unfortunately, BuddyPress doesn’t yet have a full set of CRUD endpoints for BP objects. The team is working on it, and we hope to start rolling out endpoints in the near future. BP-REST is the repo to follow for that.

    BP will work fine with the default WP REST API, if all you want to do is access a list of users. However, WP’s user endpoint won’t include any BP data, and you won’t be able to modify/add user data via this endpoint. That said, if your needs are fairly narrow, you can definitely write your own custom endpoint for fetching/updating BP profile data – it’s likely to be much simpler than what’d be required in BP itself, if your needs are pretty specific. Here’s some docs:

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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