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bp-blog theme as default

  • concrain


    I would like to remove the customize options when a user creates a blog.

    I want the style of the blog to match my current site style.

    When I create a new blog the style is wp-default.

    How do I change this to my bp-theme?

    How do I remove the customize options when a new blog is created?



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  • abcde666


    I would also like to know how to style the “User-Blogs” to be the same theme (look and feel) of my BP-page.

    Which files do I need to change and where do I find the CSS-file in order to make “User-blogs” the same style as my BP-page ?

    At least how to get rid of the blue-colored WP-image and change some CSS-styles (colors, etc.):

    Many thanks,



    I’d create a child theme of the default, copy over header.php and remove all the BP nav items, then you’d have a theme you can use for user blogs that looks exactly like the default BP theme.

    Andrea Rennick


    And use the new blog defaults plugin to set this themes as the default.



    many thanks Ray & Andrea for your replies.

    I guess I still do not understand how to do this and where to find the proper files in order to change the style for the user-blogs ?

    Is there anybody out there who has made the BP-theme (the one which is used at for being used on all User-Blogs ?

    Is it really that difficult to do this ?



    Here are the steps to create a user blog theme off of the BP default theme:

    1) Create a new child theme.

    2) Copy over /plugins/buddypress/bp-themes/bp-default/header.php to your child theme’s directory.

    3) In your child theme’s header.php, strip out all the [li] items in the [ul id=”nav”] block as well as the do_action line. Leave the wp_list_pages() line intact.

    4) That’s it! Your new theme is ready to be used on user blogs



    r-a-y this worked great, thanks.

    The only things I see are (1) that it seems to insist on using the name of the community in the header instead of the name of the blog – all other custom header items are respected, and (2) is loses the avatar of the poster.

    Thanks again.



    did ya get those last two issues fixed…
    wow, looks like buddypress has come a long way since i asked this however long ago…glad to see the phenomenal progress! :-)

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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