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BP Blogs conflict

  • Hi, I just finished installing BP and I ran into a bunch of problems, I hope you can help me.

    1- bp-blogs-widgets.php is conflicting with something, I don’t know what, but if the file is on the server, the home page does not load since it loads the Recent Posts Widget and crashes. This also affects the wp-admin/widgets.php

    This is the previous post, but it has already escalated from that original topic, so I had to make this new on with more detailed information:

    here are the error logs:

    I don’t really know what to look for there.

    2- Some random member’s profiles where loading a blank page, I then discovered it was because they had recently posted, and any page that tried to load that information would load a blank page.

    3- For some reason, users could not create new blogs, even though registrations are open.

    I deleted the entire bp-blogs/ directory and bp-blogs.php from mu-plugins/ and now all pages load, however, I don’t have a bp-blogs module, and that is the most important module!

    Please help!

    Thanks in advance

    Extra info:

    WPmu 2.6.5

    Latest BP


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  • Well, I fixed the problem by upgrading to SVN WPmu 2.7. Now it works. The only problem is the indexing of blogs and members into the directory that did not happen.

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