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BP content showed in header?

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  • whitewolf1988


    I would never buy another theme from themeforest. For the most part especially when dealing with themeforest the themes authors support is flaky. I also dispise using bloated themes like the ones you get from themeforest. It seems to me that the more bloated a theme is then the more issues the purchaser has. If they say it is a BuddyPress theme don’t count on it. You will get suckered into buying this theme then after the fact you will find out that they don’t offer support for the buddypress. They will tell you to get support here but no one here will help you either because they don’t have access to the premium theme. The theme I got from them has jquery issues that comes from the theme because twenty twelve works fine and this author has taken a month and only gave the cheesiest answers to get out of addressing that his theme was a mangled hunk o junk! So the short answer is use a theme from WP repo and use child theme to modify. Save your money and a headache!

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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