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BP development projects (multiprofiles, securisation, multicriteria search engine)

  • This message is intended for the core developpers.

    The City of Montréal (Québec-Canada) is testing an instance of BP for use in its IT intranet (400 users) and, if successful, this tool will be extended to our 15 000 users.

    We have a (very small) development team on the project and wish to add several useful features, such as:
    1- the possibility for the administrators to create several types of profiles (this would be particularly useful for skills management).
    2- a multicriteria search engine for the profiles;
    3- LDAP or Active Directory securisation for an eventual deployment of this platform for Internet use (the ultimate goal of this project).

    At the moment, our developpers team lack the necessary documentation to achieve (1) and the following would be extremely appreciated:
    – development track schematics;
    – programming schematics, etc.

    If such documents do not exist, directing us to useful resources would also be appreciated.

    So far, we have used the “Skeleton component” plugin to create a base structure of the plugin we want. However, we have not found how to link it to the database.

    Of course, if those developments are successful, they will be gladly returned to the community.

    So far, we have found several bug fixes wich have been documented in the French community (

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Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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