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Bp Drop Down menus – help correct css

  • nit3watch


    Using Modemloopers BuddyPress drop downs now, when you select a page other than ‘home’, it doesn’t show that it has been selected. There seems to be no rule for ul#nav li:selected a.

    I have tried playing around with the css though haven’t found a solution. I need this for a current prodject along with my BuddyPress UX theme for the community.

    Help would be greatly appreciated! I have asked Modemlooper though he seems to be pre-occupied :<

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  • Insufficient information for a meaningful response :)

    Are you saying that a class selected is not applied to the markup? or simply that there are no rulesets to apply any styling to that class.

    Also I would suggest that this is possibly somewhat redundant code? dropdown menus are available either with wp_nav_menu or the fallback wp_list_pages



    @hnla basically I want the ability to replace the buddypress main nav with wordpress menus: via Appearance > Menus.

    Being able to have a custom menu like:

    What would be the best way to implement this?

    What versions are you building for? Personally I would not be building layouts based on earlier versions If you were building from bp trunk then the menu is now changed to use wp_nav_menu with a fallback if the user has not implemented custom menus in the dashboard to using wp_list_pages controlled from bp-default functions.php

    If you need or want to use the older style bp header menu then you could wrap the links in an if is wp_nav_menu then display wp_nav_menu else display older BP nav links but I’m not sure there’s a point to that.



    Thanks hnla Ill give it a go.

    The theme im working on is from bp 1.2.8

    You can wrap in something like:

    ‘other menu stuff here’

    has_nav_menu() looks to see if a menu has been assigned by an admin to a menu region configured by yourself and if so will display it.

    Or equally you could use the fallback parameter in the wp_nav_menu array to access a function and place all the older menu stuff in that within functions.php?

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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