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BP Extended – Post format falls apart

  • kmp2


    Hello. I was really happy to see BuddyPress now has a 2-sidebar format. I’d been setting up Peepso and didn’t like a lot of it, including the fonts you can’t control.

    I’ve been tinkering to set up BuddyPress, and the first post looked so cute…. until you click on it to read it, and the whole thing falls apart, into a long narrow column. Goodbye theme structure.

    From cute…

    to horrible mess:

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    Help would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

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  • Varun Dubey


    @kmp2 It’s a theme-specific sidebar setting single blog; Customizer has the option to tune up the single post layout.



    The single post layout is clearly a mistake.

    After you have set your site for two sidebars, it’s deformed to force the blog to show one or none, no two-sidebar option on the single post, as logically there should be.

    It crops the featured image, I don’t want my images to be cropped. I want two sidebars at all times, featured image not cropped, on top of the text and the text full-width of the image. There is also a lot of excess space around the various single post layouts that looks like a mistake and should be tightened up. Why would I want a theme with two sidebars, only to lose that with the single post?

    Single Post Content Width setting clearly does not work, it shows text the same width as the header; but in action, the text remains a long narrow column.

    I’m shelving this project, it’s a waste of my time, and I don’t have thousands of dollars to hire developers to do it right. Also note, I already got scrooed by Envato Theme Forest after paying $100 CAD for a social theme that was delivered BROKEN, and they refused to fix it, and it took a month of dealing with their abuse to get my money back from Paypal.

    I have also already PAID hundreds to the Peepso crowd including installation fees; and that theme is a piece of crap with no font controls. So, I’m not in the mood to start BUYING more themes to try. Goodbye, project. Fini.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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