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BP-FBConnect – usernames with foreign characters

  • Hannes


    I’ve been trying out the BP-FBConnect plugin. It looks like it creates usernames for people based on the name that’s registered in Facebook. Something like:

    That’s great but it looks like it doesn’t handle foreign characters properly. For example, if somebody has the letter “ó” in their name that letter is just skipped when creating the username instead of using “o”.

    It would be nice if this would be looked into.

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  • takuya


    WordPress and therefore BuddyPress lack a lot of standard i18n features as core developers are mainly using English than other languages. They still haven’t figured out problems we have when we use our own languages within WordPress/BuddyPress.

    Anyway, for the problem, there’s similar ticket on trac that names containing dots or dash don’t work on 1.1 environment. It may be related to this ticket.

    As much as I can tell, being one of those English-speaking imperialists to which you refer, WordPress has a good range of i18n stuff if developers use the right functions. If you think WordPress and BuddyPress seriously lack in these areas, then please by all means start a specific discussion thread on each product’s forums or file trac tickets/bug reports/patches.

    Back on topic, I think socialpreneur’s on the money with this.




    I’ve been doing it on trac and forums…but I rarely get updates.



    make a plugin as below to allow non-ansi character account name


    add_filter( 'sanitize_user', 'my_sanitize_user',3,3);

    function my_sanitize_user($username, $raw_username, $strict){

    $username = $raw_username;

    $username = strip_tags($username);

    $username = preg_replace('|%([a-fA-F0-9][a-fA-F0-9])|', '', $username);

    $username = preg_replace('/&.+?;/', '', $username); // Kill entities

    if ( $strict )

    $username = preg_replace('|[^a-z0-9 _.\-@\x80-\xFF]|i', '', $username);

    $username = preg_replace('|\s+|', ' ', $username);

    return $username;



    I repeat myself: if you have come up with a patch which improves I18n in WordPress, then create a ticket on the core WP trac so people can look at it.



    It was encountered when the FB user’s name contains full of chinese characters, all characters pass into wp insert users function will be stripped(because wp username is ansi only), it finally added a empty character user_login/user_nicename, also user_url will be

    That user can still login, but cannot access his profile page indeed.

    I’d like to suggest the future BP-FBConnect, could use the character test statement, if found incompatible username characters, then just simply replace it with FacebookUser instead.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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