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BP for a simple People listings section to WP site?

  • tonymead66



    I have a WP site that I would like to add a member listings section to. I’ve built the site using my own template and would like to know if Buddy Press & associated plugins is the best fit for this. If not, does anyone have any suggestions of what may be the best route.

    There are no protected pages, anyone can view any page it’s just that I want mentors to be able to register themselves and users to search for a mentor.

    Site in development here:

    In a nutshell, I would like to..

    1. Register as a mentor (need to include custom sign-up fields and image upload)
    2. Registrations must be authorised by admin before displaying on website.
    3.Search for a mentor. Visitors to website would be able to search for a mentor using a form with search fields that have been used in registration (Location, specialities, etc)

    Also, would it be possible to have a custom login screen rather than the default WP one?

    Many thanks for your help
    Tony Mead

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  • nahmialm


    Hi, I am trying to use BP for the same function. Did you ever have any luck? Looking for some advice.



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