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BP Group Control released

  • dpolant


    A few days ago I released BP Group Control (, a plugin that lets users pick a group to show up next to their name on their profile and in directories. Also it lets group admins add users directly to their groups, and create new users for the site. It adds eject user and delete user options as well.

    If you don’t want or need certain features, you can turn them off pretty much one by one. You can set different rules for public groups vs. private, and adjust the permissions of group admins and regular users.

    Basically this is a beta version – it has been tested but there could still be bugs. Please report them so I can fix. Also, if you have an idea for something to put in the next version, feel free to speak your mind. Thanks everyone, and I hope you all enjoy the plugin!

    P.S. Stop by to see a usability test that I did a few weeks ago.

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