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BP internal message usability

  • Mike Pratt


    Forgive me, Andy for bringing this up now. I know you are busting butt to get a rollout done so I don’t expect much attention to this issue. Just getting the conversation started based on our users’ feedback:

    Users are having issues with the logic and usability of the BP messaging system. It’s generally functional but some of its procedures tend to stifle usage. Mind you these are not meant to be harsh criticisms of BP of which I am a huge fan.

    1. You can only see 4 messages per page. pagination becomes a major issue when messages build up. Perhaps showing more/all on a page

    2. You can’t view messages in header format (1 line) to see a more condensed list

    3. You can’t view only new messages and you can’t force them to the front of the line so you have to page thru every page to find the new one.

    4. The multi-user thread is a hit as it makes following a message conv quite easy. There does seem to be a bug in that the email drop copy in a multi-addressee thread truncates all messages to “”

    5. user are often reporting not being aware of how to add multiple addressees (search only works for the beginning characters of a name so typing last name does nothing) lack of an address book function deters them as well.

    6. The link to view the message in the drop copy email only takes you to the message page, not the message itself. At a min, the email should state that.

    7. Not everyone realize all you have to do is click on the message title to open it. There prob should be a “View Message” button, along with a reply. Once you’re in the message the reply concept is obvious

    I just want to get discussion going on this to see if it’s a matter of concern to others as well.

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  • MartinNr5


    Intelligent and interesting issues to address in releases down the road.



    I found this looking for a possible solution to one of the problems discussed.

    The most important to me is showing more messages per page.

    Making changes to show less (i.e. header only) I can do fairly easy but when I started getting into the pagination I was quickly finding myself chasing my tail. I am sure I can sort it out, but if you could just point out quickly where the number of pages, and number of messages per loop is produced maybe that will help me and I will in turn post my solution to help others.


    You can see 10 messages per page now. All good points Mike, could you perhaps open this as an enhancement ticket in trac?

    Mike Pratt


    Andy – just caught your reply (a by product of the no email notification capabilities of forum posts – we are working on that as an added feature)

    Will now add this as an enhancement

    John James Jacoby


    I agree on all of these points and think they make for very logical next steps for the messaging platform. If I could add to this wishlist, I find that the drop down list of users sometimes isn’t real accurate, and I’m not sure if it looks for their login name, or fullname, or what.

    Like sometimes I’ll type a “v” and the name James will come up.

    Is the idea with composing an instant message to say that you should only message your friends or through a link from their profile?

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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