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bp-legacy in bp-templates

  • marsh_lion


    I have been working on eliminating some functionality in my site via theming and found that I needed to copy the create and admin pages to do it. My first attempt was to copy them from bp-themes/bp-default/groups, but found that the layout was incorrect (from what was previously there). I then found that I should have copied them from bp-templates/bp-legacy/buddypress/groups which suggests that they’ll eventually be deprecated/removed.

    In my opinion, if they are placed in legacy and required/used shouldn’t they be moved to a more permanent place.

    My understanding is that buddypress was used (and deactiveated quite some time ago) previously on this site so I’m wondering if that caused anything

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  • Don’t be confused by the term ‘Legacy’ those files in that directory section are the format for template files working under BP’s new theme compatibility layer, use those for any custom mmods you need to make copying them to a theme/child theme in a directory named either ‘community’ or ‘buddypress’ and observing the folder structure within that directory to maintain paths.



    That is my point. I was confused by the term legacy (thinking those were the old ones and not being used) and by the fact that there was a bp-themes directory (thinking that was what was being used).

    What I am suggesting is that the term legacy should not be used as it opens the door to confusion. I am not sure what the correct term is (as I am still learning the power of buddypress).

    Jonas Lundman


    Thanks everyone for this hard-to-find-info!

    Where is the user experiance and human point of view dear Buddypress team? Totally confusing using “legacy”, and I consider myself old in the game…

    Ryan Hellyer


    I also assumed that legacy implied they weren’t intended to be used any longer.

    It’s an understandable assumption but sadly an historic nomenclature that can’t be changed now. In some senses though that set of templates will become a legacy of the older bp-default standalone theme that was provided before ‘Theme Compatibility’ arrived in 1.7 as essentially they were revised copies of the existing bp-default templates, when we get the Template Pack project added to core, hopefully in 1.9.1, those will represent the best and latest set of templates to use with theme compatibility. Not sure if that makes anything clearer though 🙂

    >Thanks everyone for this hard-to-find-info!

    Well we have attempted to provide some guidance in the codex.

    As for the general point about naming I have raised the issue of ‘bp-default’ on trac as when this old theme is finally moved out from core and added to the WP repo I for one would prefer that it isn’t any longer referred to as ‘default’ as that is confusing as it isn’t the default theme, theme compatibility is the process BP uses now and as such that isn’t a theme more a set of templates designed to work in conjunction with any chosen theme.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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