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BP Links give not found URL

  • awl19


    Here’s the deal. I had successfully installed WPMU + BuddyPress into my root directory for my website ( when I then decided I should move it to a sub directory ( and stupidly enough thought I could do so without looking at any instructions.

    From there I fell into alot of problems trying to get the directories corrected and the URL’s set right. I did all that and now everything is working fine..except BuddyPress. BuddyPress was working great before I moved it but now every time I try to open a page under “My Account” I seem to always receive a Not Found page. I don’t know what to do. I have searched and searched and found many problems similar if not the exact same to mine and there were few of those topics around. Basically they said it was your .htaccess that needed correcting but the problem is I have tried to correct my .htaccess and it hasn’t helped my situation.

    So if anyone can help me that would be wonderful!



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