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Bp-Multi-Network using custom-usermeta NOT xprofile fields

  • valuser


    With bp-multi-network membership is shared across networks, the members directory in each network will list all active members, yet each member has a separate profile within each network.

    bp xprofile fields are network specific. If a member joins via one network that members registration xprofile fields are specific to just that network.

    So say for example you had networks based on location, New York, Los Angeles, Vancouver, etc etc

    At the moment there appears to be no way of showing, in the members directory of each network, from which network each member originated. (other than on a particular network the particular members that originated in that particular network)

    For example John Doe (from New York network) can be shown in the New York as originating from there, but his origins can’t be shown (with xprofile fields) say in the Los Angeles Members Directory unless he actually fills out the profile fields in the Los Angeles network.

    As a way round this I have attempted the following and I need some help to complete it (if it is possible).

    Inserted a field in the registration form using @johnjamesjacoby suggestion (though old) from

    After registering a few users I then tried the following on different networks
    where 80 (and other integers) was the userid of new members and “thenetwork” was the registration field added via @johnjamesjacoby ‘s code.

    `<?php $user_info = get_userdata(80);
    echo $user_info->thenetwork;

    It returned the correct data for all userids.

    BUT when I added the code below to the members-loop.php

    `thenetwork; ?>`

    it returned the members id for each member but NOT the data from $user_info->the network.

    Can this be done ? If so how ? Is there a simpler way ?

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