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BP navigates to incorrect user when using logged-in menu item on homepage

  • breakofdawn


    WP 4.7.5
    BuddyPress 2.8.2

    On my top-level menu, I have added the BuddyPress logged-in menu items. Logged-in users using those items (Profile, Settings, etc.) on the homepage are brought to my main administrator account’s member page (it thinks the main admin is the logged in user). However, if the user selects the menu item from any other page, it brings them to the correct member page (their own).

    *EDIT – Added information* Once I navigate to the correct member page, it works as it should on the homepage. */EDIT*

    I don’t know how to decipher the programming, but does it have something to do with this: ?

    In my specific setup, I’m using BuddyPress to manage a users own userdomain, with no need to view or inspect any other users.

    I have tried clearing the cache and using new browsers, but the behavior is the same.

    Not sure if there is a private response option, but I can include the domain there if needed.

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