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BP Nouveau Disables Theme Sidebar

  • scubajoe206



    In my new BuddyPress site, my default site sidebar is disabled and its contents pushed to the bottom of the page on some BP pages when using the BuddyPress Nouveau template pack. Not all BP pages, just those that display any kind of activity.

    This problem goes away when I switch the template pack to BuddyPress Legacy. Of course then I give up some of the features I like in Nouveau, especially the round profile picture style and the cleaner tab styling.

    Is there any way to fix this? Actually, I’d settle for either of the following:
    – Implement round profile image style in Legacy, or…
    – Fix the issue with the sidebar in Nouveau

    Any help will be greatly appreciated. While I’m here, could somebody point me to any resources for learning a bit about BuddyPress CSS, so I can tweak some styling. In particular, I’d like to show some Xprofile information in the member directory, not a user’s last post.

    Eddy Sharp

    WordPress 6.0, BuddyPress Version 10.3.0.

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