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Bottom – Us vs Them

  • One of the biggest threats to an open source project is when a “us vs them” attitude takes permanent hold. In the beginning it can be helpful or even necessary to have a mentality that we know better than you. But, as things progress it can become very corrosive.

    Before I go any further it is important to point out that the views expressed here are not from someone that expects free software to do everything they ask, nor is it from a frustrated newcomer. It is coming from one of you biggest supporters and users. These sentiments have also been expressed to me privately by some of the very sites you often hold up as examples.

    BP has become a closed circle where things are viewed in terms of us and them. Us being those in inside the development circle and them being anyone outside of it. This is very common with these sorts of projects, perhaps its within the DNA. It’s not hard to understand that when a small group does the majorly of the work resentment can build towards those that may be critical of it.

    I can list many examples of this, but specific examples kind of miss the point. It is the undertow that encompasses the entire project and the site design itself. It is about how things are prioritized, responded to, or not responded to.

    This is not about excepting new ideas, it is about being open to them. It is about engaging ideas not dismissing them. It is about welcoming inexperienced users not telling them “learn to walk before you run,” as was recently expressed.

    The BP team needs to take a hard look at what the end goal of BP is. Not in terms of code, but where it’s place will be in the world of WP and beyond. They need to decide if it is going to remain an exotic plugin for advanced users or if it going to be what it should be, a tool to change the way a new generation websites are built. If it’s the later BP needs to be spending an equal amount of time embracing it’s user base as it does its code.

    If you take this post as a hostel act not only did you miss the point, you proved it.

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  • The fact the post below was locked tells me everything I need to know about the development staff here.

    Good night and good luck,


    They are not staff first of all. They are volunteers and they deserve to be respected as such. Second, this can end on a good note since you have a site to help people out but its up to you to provide the link on the forum that is relevant to the topic.

    No I’m done here. So you can stop trolling my posts.

    This thread is turning hostile fast, and the misleading and attention-grabbing title is going to give people new to BuddyPress, or those visiting our site for the first time, a bad impression of the project. BuddyPress is, in fact, stronger now than it ever has been in every aspect.

    These forums are intended to be used for support with BuddyPress, announcements, or for sharing sites that you’ve built with the rest of the community. The plugin groups and forums provide similar facilities for BuddyPress plugin authors. FIQ, they aren’t meant to be used as a soapbox when you have a dissenting view on something, and are trying to gain support for that position. There’s nothing wrong with having a contrary view, but you are going about discussing things in a hostile and unconstructive manner.

    As best as I can tell, this all started from a discussion about the wireframe ideas for the upcoming template compatibility layer. I’m super sad that the argument has now spanned three? forum topics, and that most of them have had to be closed. It’s harming constructive discussion on the wireframes, as well as using everyone’s energy.

    I suggest that if you want to continue discussing your concerns, why not write a blog post about it? That’s the perfect place for this to happen, and if a constructive idea or suggestion comes from the discussion on it, then you can start a new discussion on these forums about that idea.

    If you want to discuss this moderation further, please email me at paul @buddypress DOT org

Viewing 4 replies - 26 through 29 (of 29 total)
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