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BP pages trigger 404

  • Charl Asuit


    I have Buddypress installed on a client site. There are times when any of the BP pages are used and then they navigate to another page, the intended page will display the 404 page. I thought initially that this was due to certain incompatibilities with the theme so I changed the theme to one that is BP-ready but the problem still occurs.

    The 404 is resolved by re-saving permalinks again.

    I read on this thread that BP doesn’t like that its pages (Groups, etc.) are sub-pages but this error was for adding groups.

    Can someone please help shed a light on this?

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  • ciarleglio33


    Hi, I also get this issue. We have random 404s that are difficult to recreate when trying to debug the problem, but occur randomly when users user the site. It is on non buddypress pages, and once a user gets a 404, non buddy press pages all 404 for a brief period. we have tried everything – disabling all persistent caches, changing themes, clearing caches, event switching hosting from linux to windows.

    if anyone has any ideas, please let me know!



    Created two WordPress sites with buddy press. I am using a Bossbuddy theme and it is just annoying that a register will trigger a 404. This problem is scattered all over the postings. Is there a single source for solving this??

    It goes to http://webaddress/register

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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