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BP Profile Does Not Display




    I’m having trouble with a Buddypress Profile. The profile in question was the original Admin profile that created the site. Somewhere along the line, the Buddypress interface for the profile just stopped displaying. If I try to select “Profile” in the drop down menu, it just directs to the Home Page, but no BP profile. I can login and administer the page, there’s just no BP profile. I’ve deleted it and re-added it, from both WP back-end, and from the tables in My PHP Admin. I can also add other user profiles (including Admins) which function perfectly fine, including BP Profiles. I can even change the access level of this particular profile, but that doesn’t help. The problem is with this particular User ID. Normally it wouldn’t matter, and I’d just start another Admin profile, but this User ID is branded to the site so that Users can identify it’s the site owner. Any ideas what is going on? Thanks.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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