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BP RC2 – width inconsistency continues

  • Maythil


    Sorry to harp on the same string.

    For people like me, who are fussy about a site\’s width consistency down to 1 pixel, BP has not solved the problem yet.


    If you take a look at the top rigtht corner of any page, you can see that the top grey bar (Admin bar) looks fixed at a width of 800px by default, while the rest of the page is much wider. As a result, you can see an empty patch on the right side of the Visit button.

    I can correct this by using #wp-admin-bar { width: 960px !important; } for Firefox

    but I don\’t know how this change would affect other browsers.

    2. The width difference can be seen even under items in the Admin bar (though not very conspicously). The width of items under My Account, My Blogs and Notification are not the same.

    Despite all the curse on IE6, this browser automatically solves the problem by displaying all pages uniformly within 800px. Personally that\’s is the width I want uniformly for my site. But the point is: one can opt for any width but it should be the same (both header and body) for all pages.

    BP RC2 is a great product and I am aware that it allows great freedom to customize. But it requires a good underatnding of the components, etc. More important is the fact that, customization starts from what we get by default, and if that itself comes with incosistencies, one doesn\’t really know where to modify exactly.

    I have received several suggestions and spent hours to put things as I want it. I was able, through trial and error, to unformly change the width of

    * Home

    * Blog

    * Members

    * Groups

    * Blogs

    but I still haven\’t the faintest idea about how to control the width of pages under My Account, My Blogs and Notifications.

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  • Paul Gibbs


    1) posting this in another thread is not going to get anyone to answer your questions any sooner: in fact, the opposite is more likely.

    2) some web developers, myself included, consider IE6 an unsupported browser due to its poor standards support. Consider upgrading to IE7 or 8, if you don’t want to switch to firefox.

    3) IF this is a problem with the default themes, then once you resolve the issue please consider creating a patch and submitting it on trac.



    Hello, DJPaul,

    My note was not an ode to IE6 (in fact, I have created several websites using simple HTML and my biggest problem was always IE6). I mentioned IE6 precisely because it’s hated and unsupported by most and yet somehow is able to solve the width problem inherent in BP.

    I stressed on the problem again because (1) it’s after using RC2 and (2) I have more precise details this time. The width discrepencey I mentioned is as found in itself and it’s applicable to Firefox, which is my default browser for your information (I like Firebox, if I ignore their imposition of

    I am not an expert; just an observant user. If I am capable of creating a patch myself for resolving the problem, what am I doing here! And, at any rate, creating a patch is impossible unless I know where the problem lies precisely.

    If nobody is going to answer, it’s ok with me.

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