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BP/Rehub, how to make a free member’s products visible only to their friends.

  • waynecwp


    This is my first post, it’s exploratory. I’m hoping to find help with regard to a BuddyPress/Rehub install we are contemplating.
    We want to setup free and paid members. Paid member’s products visible to all members.
    So far straightforward, I hope, but where things change is that we want free member’s product to be visible only to their friends – across all product display elements, including profile page, search, directory, etc.
    I have read a little about the friends_check_friendship function and believe this can be done. Initially, I’m hoping to learn from anyone familiar with a BuddyPress/Rehub site if they imagine that creating this change to free member product visibility would be an extensive, reasonable or easy effort?
    Thank you in advance for any advice.
    1 – WordPress 5.2 running
    2 – Directory
    3 – subdirectory
    4 – ?
    5 – Yes
    6 – BuddyPress Ver 4.3.0
    7 – No
    8 – Akismet Anti-Spam, Easy WP SMTP, Health Check & Troubleshooting. Wordfence.
    9 – Standard
    10 – Twenty Seventeen, plan to use REHUB.
    11 – No
    12 – No
    13 – No
    14 – None
    15 – IONOS
    16 – Lunix, Apache
    17 – Plane to use REHUB
    18 – No
    19 – No

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