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BP seems to mix themes

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    I installed buddypress. However I had a hard time configuring the themes.

    I would expect that the Bb admin would show the themes that are installed in /wp-content/bp-themes/. However it doesn’t. It shows you the themes of WordPress. But when you select a theme is ASSUMES that you have the same theme with the same name in the /wp-content/bp-themes/ directory. If not it doesn’t use the bpmember theme. (maybe only the first time…)

    But is this a good assumption? Because it took me an hour to understand this. I would say it would be more correct that the Bpress admin shows the themes that are actually located in /wp-content/bp-themes.

    What I had to do now is rename the bpmember directory to name of the theme that i have selected in the Bpress admin. Which isn’t really userfriendly. And I only came up with this solution because I have some background in programming and also saw some other people renaming stuff.


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  • If you are using WPMU 2.8.1, then this is a known bug. There’s at least one other recent post on this forum, and there’s a ticket been raised for this on the BuddyPress bug tracker.

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