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BP Signature Profile plugin

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    I am currently using the WordPress 2.7.1, BPpress 1.0.2, and BBpress 1.0-rc-3.

    I am looking for a signature plugin that will work in the buddypress wires and BP group forums and will also work in the WordPress blogs.

    Many people that use forums today are still using a signature that automatically embeds in the bottom of all their posts. The user sets up the signature on these forums in their forum profile. I am looking for a plugin that will work with buddypress, that will allow WP, BB or BP users the capability of setting up a signature that will be automatically posted in the bottom of each of their posts/forum posts.

    A typically signature might look like in closing: ‘Thanks so much, Gen.Superman’ and then many of these forum users like to add a banner image below their name in the signature. These typical banner images might by the default banner size of 468×60. Now, I have BP-DEV’s TinyMCE installed and it is works perfectly in buddypress, so hopefully it will allow embedded images.

    Can someone please inform me if there is a signature plugin for buddypress, that will allow users to post their signature at the end of each of their posts automatically in the group forums or wires or comments or even wp blogs? I need a signature plugin that will work with all.

    Thanks for any suggestions or help. It is always appreciated.


    -Banner image suppose to go here-

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  • I’m not aware of anything like this.



    One way of doing this is to create a new textarea profile field entitled “Signature” and call it within each BP component you want to use it in.

    I know one of the BP mods, John James Jacoby, does this for one of his BP sites, specifically the bbPress forums (eg. a forum thread –, but I believe he only uses it for the bbPress forums and nowhere else across that BP site.

    However, I don’t think it would be *too* hard to call it within the group forums and the wire (I say *too* hard with a little skeptism! hehe). You just would need to edit your BP theme in a number of places to do so.



    Thanks for that information R-A-Y.

    Does anyone have any ideas how to take a BP-PRESS created profile field, and have the information placed within that BP-PRESS field automatically show up in the a posted wire or group forum post/message?

    I think the real issue is that I am looking for something that will not just allow text, but html embedded images too. I mean alot of people that use signatures like to have their signature show their name, then a banner image under it. So, even using a profile field would be limited, because, it probably couldn’t allow embedding of images. I don’t think the BD-DEV’s tinymce works with profile fields in bppress at this time.

    I have posted on BD-DEV’s website to see if Nicola Greco has any thoughts about this. I also posted on _CK_’s area on the bbpress showcase website to see if the plugin author of “BBPRESS Signatures” has any thoughts about converting their plugin to BP-PRESS.

    I consider that the BP-PRESS Signature a very important plugin, and if this plugin ever gets created by someone, then I am positive that many of you will find it very useful for wires or group forum discussions. I mean look at PHPBB or Invision Pro Board, etc. Those forums thrive on signatures in their posts.

    You can follow the current posts that I made:

    On BD-DEV:

    and on _CK_’s area in the bbpress showcase website:

    I truly hope that we will be able to see something like this type of plugin in the near future.

    Thanks for everyones replys and thoughts.



    _cK_ is a tried-and-true bbPress plugin developer; not sure if she’ll step into the confines of BuddyPress! But if you don’t ask, you’ll never know!

    It’s probably possible to extend Nicola’s BP-TinyMCE plugin to add a filter for profile fields as well… you’d have to bug Nicola about that.

    Here’s a post which explains how someone added a filter to profile fields:

    I might write a filter as well regarding this… we’ll see.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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