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BP Site s a Spam Magnet… Ideas?

  • twmcmahan


    I have over 4000 active users on Buddypress – and it’s a Spam Magnet.

    I’ve tried a few things I’ve found in past threads, but doesn’t seem to be working. Registrations are e-mail verified, and coming from gmail for the most part. The Spam users don’t seem to have the same IP range to ban, etc.

    First people were just creating profiles. Then they started using the messages system. Disabled that. Then they started sending Friend requests to other users. Then they started replying to other users basic activity.

    I’ve tried throttling, they just make more accounts. I’ve tried ReCaptcha on every messaging form. A week later someone still manages to reply to activity to a few hundred users in a day.

    I’ve essentially disabled every single interaction possibility at this point, which severely hobbles the usefulness of buddypress in the first place.

    Any ideas for something that actually works to stop spam?

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  • iamthewebb


    Hey, I run a fairly similar sized site and thankfully only see 1 or 2 a year, we run..

    Akismet & Antispam bee

    I also receive an email whenever someone signs up and if the email looks in anyway suspect I’ll check their account,it’s normally fairly obvious from the entries to the xprofile fields whether they are legitimate or not and they are blocked.
    What anti spam plugins are you currently using as I’m sure I remember seeing ones that would throttle or block anyone abusing?

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