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BP Site Tracking Not Pulling Comments Into Activity Stream

  • jrunfitpro


    Hi Everyone,

    I’m having issues with BP Site Tracking not pulling from certain pages into the activity stream. I can see the WP comments on these pages in the admin panel, but not the activity stream. They show from blog posts, but not my Optimize PRess page templates.

    If someone has a work around for this, I would be very grateful. The Optimize Press pages do have a lot of javascript. However, there should be a solution for this.



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  • djsteveb


    Why you start new thread for exact same question as before you?!
    ( )

    maybe delve into searching the forums..

    similar questions and answers 4 days ago -

    or point your optimize press to search the forums and codex here and find the fix if you can’t figure it out.

    I don’t think you will find a lot of help here with a premium theme and it’s specific issues. Especially since there has been no new information provided.



    Because there wasn’t a good answer for my question, so i would like the help of one of the developers since my theme is very popular and the developers can probably fix this in a heart beat.

    Your post isn’t the same issue either.



    @jrunfitpro “there wasn’t a good answer for my question” –
    I think you should of imply replied to your previous (not dupe) thread – would keep things more tidy.
    Also you never reported back what your optimize press people had any details about the issue.

    anyhow, with your setup I wonder..
    “not pulling from certain pages ”
    – what exactly is not being pulled?
    from pages?
    multi-site sub blogs?
    Pulled from media comments?

    If you switch to default 2014 theme – does it work then?

    If you use 2014 theme and disable all other plugins (and mu-plugins and bp-custom if you have those) aside from BP is the issue resolved?

    If “not pulling from certain pages” still does not work with 2014 and all other plugins removed, then you may find the answer on the other threads and solution hunting things posted:

    Post comments not appearing in activity stream?

    (and those items linked in comments from there)

    If “not pulling from certain pages” does work fine with 2014 as theme and other plugins disabled – then it’s an issue with your other theme or plugins (or combo of them).



    Can I get the perspective of a real admin? Or do they not support BP anymore????



    Optimize Press uses a custom post type.
    So you need to add activity tracking support to it.



    Awesome! Looking into this. Thanks.



    Still an issue.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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