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BP Test Drive

  • Anonymous

    This is just an opinion and a suggestion but I been delving around on the new BP test drive and I think it would be great to have a function in the release of BP 1.7 that disables the admin bar. It gives the software away and hackers know what the site is built upon by seeing it. I would also like to see a function that prevents tools like wappalyzer a firefox plugin from identifying the software being used on the site as it would definitely heighten security. One other thing I would love to see is a dynamic notification menu item so that if the bar is removed we can still see that we have notifications. If we can move away from BuddyPress being depended on the admin bar I think we will definitely start seeing progress and people customizing their themes even more so it is unique. I have moved away from my sites depending on the bar but I also have the experience to do so, however new users that is not experienced in coding would probably appreciate this. Anyway, its just an idea/opinion. Thanks BP core team!

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  • r-a-y


    You should be able to disable the admin bar for logged-out users in the WP admin area by navigating to “Settings > BuddyPress“, then click on the “Settings” tab.

    If someone really wanted to find out if you were using BuddyPress, then it would be quite simple. I would take steps to try and hide the fact you were using WordPress first, then move down the ladder to BuddyPress later on.

    About notifications without the admin bar, there are some third-party plugins available like: (a widget)

    With BP 1.7, we’ll be adding universal theme compatibility, so we’ll be taking some steps to try and make life without the admin bar a little easier.


    @r-a-y I am sorry I was not more thorough when I was describing the issue but you hit the nail on the head anyway as to what I meant by hiding the fact we are using WordPress. I just think it would be great for security purposes. Thanks for your info, I am looking forward to the release of BP 1.7 If I can help in anyway then just ask! Thank you Ray!

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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