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BP username in BBpress instead of required name field

  • Hello,

    I have buddypress and bbpress deeply integrated and when the user posts a topic it’s showing their ‘Name’ field. I find this a bit confusing because I’m using the plugin where it shows the usernames everywhere on my site to be consistent. I cannot figure out how to get bbpress to show the username everywhere instead of the Name they filled out in the required name field on buddypress. If anyone can help me figure this one out I’d greatly appreciate it.

    Thank you for reading this~

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  • intimez


    You may be interested in this plugin which I am using thanks to @r-a-y

    @intimez Thank you for your reply. I’m currently using that plugin that @r-a-y created and it works great with my buddypress/group forums however I also have an external bbpress install so I can have a true forum for my website as well. It uses the same table as wordpress and buddypress and I have it fully integrated however it’s pulling through the Name field that is required in buddypress and using it as the post author. Since I have the usernames plugin enabled I would like the bbpress external forum to show the usernames instead of the Name.

    I hope this helps explain my situation better.

    Yay, I found a plugin that disables display names and forces to show the username on all your bbpress. You can find the plugin here:

    I’ve tested it on bbpress version 1.0.2 integrated with buddypress and wordpress 2.9.2 and so far no bugs.



    I am looking for a solution for bbPress 2.4 + Buddypress 1.81 to display Buddypress @username instead of the full name in the forums – just like these forums!
    I know this is an old thread and the plugin posted by @ekawaii is no longer in existence.



    I have this same issue, any help?



    I also have this issue.

    Did someone finally make it ?


Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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