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BP Widgets Rendering as

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    I finally decided to ask for support on this even though I’ve been sleeping on it since 1.6 came out.

    After I updated to 1.6, my bp widgets starting rendering as :

    `<li id=”bp_core_members_widget-2″ class=”widget widget_bp_core_members_widget”>

    <h2 class=”widgettitle”>Members</h2> …`

    instead of

    `<div id=”bp_core_members_widget-2″ class=”widget widget_bp_core_members_widget”>

    <h2 class=”widgettitle”>Members</h2>…`

    like it used to.

    I can’t figure out why this is happening.

    Any ideas? Is it BP Compatiblity plugin doing this?


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  • I can’t see any changes in BP that would have done this; I’ve looked back to 1.2.10. The┬áregister_sidebar() function, usually found in a theme’s functions.php, allows you to set the line before/after the actual widget. Perhaps you changed theme, or perhaps something else was affecting it.

    bp-template-pack plugin doesn’t seem to have anything that affects this.



    Ok thanks Paul. I’ve been away for a long time. but i’m back playing around with BP…so this was my first shot and introductory support ticket in this awesome new BP site. ­čÖé I’ll dig into this further.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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