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bp_activity table is empty

  • Jeff


    1. WordPress Version 3.4.1
    2. WordPress NOT on a subdomain
    3. WP installed on root of domain
    4. Not an upgrade.
    5. WordPress was functioning pre-Buddypress, and it still is as far as I can see.
    6. BP Version 1.5.6
    7. I did not upgrade BP.
    8. I have lots of other plugins, ones that are concerned with BP are bbPress, BP Sitewide Activity Widget
    9. I am using a BP theme that came with Tersus theme, which got auto-detected in the setup wizard
    10. I have not modified the core files.
    11. I do not have custom functions in bp-custom.php?
    12. bbPress Version 2.1. I installed it via the Plugin manager.
    13. error_log
    14. Hosting provided by Ventra IP
    15. Server: LAMP

    In the community site that I am trying to set up, the landing page is one of the most important to the client. I couldn’t find any other way to set up what he wants apart from using Sitewide Activity Widget plugin.

    However, when I insert the widget that this plugin installed, the activity stream looks to be empty. I go into phpMyAdmin, and notice that the tables prefix_bp_activity and prefix_bp_activity_meta are both empty. I try and do something (anything) in the forums then check the table, nothing is being added to those tables.

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  • Roger Coathup


    Have you enabled the activity stream component in your BuddyPress settings?

    The basic step for debugging any problem like this is — disable all your plugins except BuddyPress; switch to the default theme. Does it work now? If not, there is something wrong with your install.

    If it does… switch to your theme, test; then add your plugins one by one testing at each stage.

    From that, you can determine what’s breaking it — install, theme, or specific plugin

    [edit: from your error log, you clearly also have problems with bbPress not being installed]




    The error log I posted encompasses the errors that have been generated while I was micking around with reinstalling buddypress and bbpress.

    I have both bbPress and Buddypress installed currently, and I also have the Activity Streams component enabled.

    However, a ticket from way back three years ago explains what I think the problem is.

    If I go to my profile, and post an update on my profile, this gets saved in bp_activity. But anything new topic creation or reply on my bbPress forum, it DOES NOT get saved in that table. So it looks to me that stuff created in the BuddyPress side gets saved in bp_activity, but stuff from the bbPress side do not.

    Is there any way so that user activities from bbPress gets saved to this BuddyPress table?
    == EDIT ==
    I have tried deactivating all plugins apart from bbPress and BuddyPress. Also, switched to the theme that came with BuddyPress. SiteWide Activity Stream is still limited to just BuddyPress activities.

    Note that I have User Groups and Discussion Forums (within Groups) DISABLED, which is how I do want it, as we want the community as simple and straighforward as possible while still enjoying the awesome features like messaging from BuddyPress

    I also imagine that if I were to create Groups in BuddyPress, and then post messages in Forums of that Group, it will get posted to the Activity Stream. But I really do not want Groups.

    I understand that this may very well be how the plugin was designed to work, but this is a plea for a little help now :)

    Roger Coathup


    The bbPress plugin does create entries in the activity stream by default… including for site wide forums.

    Sitewide activity widget is not part of BuddyPress — it’s a 3rd party plugin from buddydev

    Do you see your bbPress activities in the normal BuddyPress activity stream? If not, there is something wrong in the way you have your site configured.

    If you problem is just in the sitewide activity stream widget, then try asking on their forums at Buddydev.

    Remember to include version numbers for your WP / BP and bbPress

    If bbPress 2 does not add activity stream entries to your activity directory (e.g., you need to also post about this on the forum.



    Hi Roger,

    “including site wide forums” – does that mean that posts under bbPress are automatically added to the activity stream, even when bbPress was installed BEFORE BuddyPress? If I look at which is the page I’ve set up with BuddyPress pages, it’s only showing BuddyPress-side activities.

    And no, I don’t think it’s a problem with the buddydev’s widget plugin, as it seems to be able to publish BuddyPress activities just fine.

    Hey Paul,

    I will do that, however I have found a couple of threads discussing the same issue so I guess I’ll add mine to those.

    I’ve tried the suggestions there to no avail.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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