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bp_activity_akismet_delete_old_metadata, What does this do?

  • rossagrant


    Hi guys,

    Just been using the WP Cron plugin to check on cron jobs and I can see this job, but it has a cross next to it, saying that ‘no action exists with this name’.

    I was just wondering what this job is and if it SHOULD exist on my install?

    Not sure if its a redundant job left over from a previous version of BP or something?

    Any advice would be great! :)

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  • Tammie Lister


    Looks like part of the akismet integration:

    I’d say from tracing through that functions list it’s needed and should exist.

    bp_activity_akismet_delete_old_metadata() is in bp-activity-akismet.php. When we make a check with Akismet, we store the contents of the request that we make to the service in a metadata table. This function is method is meant to go through and tidy up the old meta after a day or so.

    Would be nice to verify if this action is actually firing or not (regardless of the other plugin says).



    Hi Karma/ Paul,

    Thanks for the explanation guys.

    How would I verify if this was firing?

    The cron job is definitely being updated in terms of the times it shows for running. It seems to run once per day.

    The thing is, I have just set up a brand new vanilla BP install of the latest version of BP 1.6.1 and after using the WP Cron Dashboard plugin to check on cron jobs, it too shows that NO action exists.

    That is now 3 separate installs it’s showing no action for.

    Perhaps there has been an issue on a BP update, but i’ve checked crons regularly from the dashboard to make sure they are all still there, and I’ve never noticed an issue with this job in the past.

    All other crons show just fine WITH actions existing.

    Perhaps someone else could install the plugin and see if they get the same result.

    To set up the cron, you should only need to post to the activity stream once after installing BP on a fresh install.

    The job will then show up under the Tools —> Wp Cron menu in the dashboard.

    Hopefully we’ll work it out.

    Let me know how I can help out.



    Hey Paul, just checking back in here. Is there any way to check if this function is firing, or if I delete the cron job, can I resave settings anywhere to reschedule it?

    Paul Gibbs


    If PHP’s error_log() function writes to your PHP Error Log, you could add an error_log call inside the function and monitor the log to see when the job is being called.

    Be aware it’s only meant to run once a day.



    I think I may have made a massive schoolboy error here Paul.

    I actually deleted the wp-cron job for this last night, thinking that when I re-saved the BP settings for akismet that it would re-queue it up.

    That isn’t the case, and I’m struggling to have it set up again now.

    I’ve tried deactivating and reactivating BP, resaving settings in akismet etc.

    Does anyone have any idea at what point this is placed in cron?

    I’ve been able to re-schedule all other cron jobs in the past after deletion by setting up the plugin involved again, but I’m a bit stuck here.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance!



    Have confirmed this on 2 more brand new installs.

    Tried to explain it as best as I could in this ticket:

    Cheers 🙂

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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